1358 Strategic Rules

1 vision / 3 capabilities / 5 business segments / 8 elements

1 Vision

Create a professional laser surveying and mapping instrument supply chain comprehensive service provider.

3 Capabilities

Comprehensively improve the company's three major capabilities of growth, innovation, and profitability.

5 Business Segments

Focus on developing five business segments: e-commerce, provincial agency, brand processing, product resource sharing, and new business.

8 Elements

Network rules and layout, finance and cost, organization and manpower, sales and customer service, management and information technology, technical quality, investment and capital, brand and culture are supported by eight major elements.

Shunhui Electronic Technology

Development ideas

Develop towards scale, intensification, specialization, internationalization, and modernization, and become a professional laser surveying and mapping instrument brand enterprise.


Business volume and scale
Scale of logistics network



Product technology specialization
Operation management specialization
Specialization of service capabilities



Modernization of management concepts
Modernization of service mode
Modernization of facility applications



Market internationalization
Network internationalization
Talent internationalization


Intensification of logistics resources
Product information integration