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The laser level meter is an instrument made using red or blue visible rays in conjunction with a horizontal locator for measuring the flatness of the floor, belonging to the surveying and mapping tool category. Able to bring objects to the same level. Leveling is a ground construction. In construction, it refers to bricklayers laying walls, carpenters planing wood, etc., to flatten high and low concave and convex surfaces. Generally used in building construction, using a level gauge, a ground level gauge, etc., to make the surface and sides of masonry or construction objects appear flat and free of slope. The laser level is an intelligent display device instrument. The role of the laser level is to be installed on a moving object, collect the horizon signal, display the horizon in a larger field of view, and display the motion posture of the object in real time. If laser level is applied to aircraft, it is of great significance to prevent spatial orientation obstacles.

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